Corporate & promotional

We offer:

  • creation, development, organization of events
  • events of all sizes
  • event concept, planning, logistics and coordination of
    technical production
  • corporate events (product launches, press conferences,
    corporate meetings and conferences), marketing programs (road shows, grand opening events), and special corporate hospitality events (award ceremonies, launch/release
    parties, commercial events)


  • New Year’s Reception for Business Partners
    Bernardin Group Resorts & Hotels
  • Launch of new vessels – e.g. Elan Power 48
    at Boot Düsseldorf fair
  • Nokia – launch of new product for the Slovenian market


We offer:

  • full package promotion
  • concept development
  • promotion at international tourism fairs
  • design and production of promotional materials
  • concept, design and production of exhibition pavilion
  • technical support and setting of exhibition pavilion,

Major Projects:

    Promotion of Villa Hotels and Royal Island Spa (Maldives)

    We were hired by Villa Hotels for promotion of their tourism
    services for the Luxury Travel fairs in the European region,
    intended for B2B and individual guests. The challenge was to
    develop concept, design and produce all promotional materials – print materials, including catalogues, flyers and posters.
    We also developed their web page, shot promotional
    photography and video materials on location and did
    post-production. Finally, Villa Hotels gave us the task of designing their pavilion for tourism fairs across Europe.
    We also ensured development and manufacturing of the pavilion, as well as setting at location and providing personnel. Some of the fairs where we exhibited the pavilion and materials are:
    Luxury Leisure Moscow, ILTM (International Luxury travel market) Cannes, ITB Berlin.